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Zendesk App Best Practices

The definitive guide to ensuring you are using the latest, cutting-edge, incredibly powerful Zendesk Support, Zendesk Sell, Zendesk Sunshine Apps.

Zendesk Relate

Zendesk Relate

Zendesk's annual flagship customer event where Zendesk invites CX professionals to dream bigger. Join agnoStack in person in Las Vegas April 16-18 to learn about the latest ways to supercharge your agents - or join the digital event which will broadcast the opening keynote (and have access to on-demand recordings of the keynote and select sessions from the Las Vegas conference).

Zendesk adds flexible AI agent capabilities with Ultimate acquisition
agnoStack + Zendesk + Elastic Path = Integration Made Easy
An overview of apps for startups
Scary usefule apps
The Best Zendesk Integrations to Consider Working With

The 7 Best Zendesk Integrations of 2021

As online shopping continues to grow, businesses need an ecommerce customer service approach that lets them provide excellent virtual care to their customers.

How to build a Zendesk Support App

Build a Zendesk App Workshop: This exercise will take you through the steps to build your own version of Zendesk's Bookmark App.

Choose your own app adventure

These approaches outline the main ways you can interact with the Zendesk Development Platform. Read from beginning to end, or jump to the area of interest -- each one has a short description along with links to more information.

agnoStack Empowers Retailers

of all types & sizes to provide faster, more seamless and more intuitive customer support regardless of software stack.

14 day free trial on all initial installations. Volume discounts available.